Iran Administrative Corruption ICBPS MORNING BRIEF Iranian Mayors Arrested For Corruption

ICBPS MORNING BRIEF: Iranian Mayors Arrested For Corruption

ICBPS Morning Brief– The Islamic Judiciary has allegedly arrested a group of mayors in Iran over reported corruption charges.

A group of mayors in Tehran province, including Lavasan, Shahriar, and Rudehen, were reportedly arrested on corruption, which was defined as bribery, forgery, fraud, and making counterfeit bills according to state-run media.

The defendants are currently under interrogation at custody.

In mid-sep, the Islamic Attorney General in Bushehr announced that the City Council administrator had been arrested over corruption charges.

Speaking with reporters, the Attorney General Ali Hassanpour declared that the judiciary system issued an arrest warrant for an Iran City Council official over corruption charges and Abouzar Dehdar, Bushehr City Council supervisor.

Iran City Council administrator is currently under interrogation at detention, according to state-run Tabnak News Agency.

Last month, the judiciary department declared that it arrested five other municipality employees in Bushehr, southern Iran, and those for alleged bribery and embezzlement.

Early September, the Islamic Judiciary office in Mazandaran announced that a former municipal administrator had been arrested over corruption charges.

In a statement, the Islamic judicial system expressed that it issued an arrest warrant for Abdolhamid Farzaneh, the former supervisor in Sari municipality, and a broker in connection with top officials.

They were arrested for alleged charges of “embezzlement,” “bribery,” “damage or destruction of state property,” according to the judiciary.

The Islamic Republic of Iran’s top officials are the main source of economic problems in the country as the head of Mostazafan Foundation – in an interview with state-run TV in Aug – disclosed some aspects of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s institutionalized corruption. 

Giant financial institutions, owning 60% of Iran’s national assets — under control of Mullah the Great Ali Khamenei — are tax-deducted.

Corruption Perceptions in Iran index has dropped as it’s the 146 least corrupt nation out of 180 countries, according to the 2019 Corruption Perceptions Index reported by Transparency International.

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