Tehran Says It Will Not Comply with Iran Nuclear Deal

ICBPS- Iran cannot be expected to comply with all of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) obligations without benefiting from it, said Deputy Foreign Minister for International and Legal Affairs, Mohsen Baharvand.

During a meeting of the IAEA Board of Governors in Vienna, Baharvand said “We are adhering to our obligations expressed in the deal, but at the same time, it is almost impossible to enjoy the rights stipulated therein.”

Iran Shows Off Missiles Amid Tensions between Washington and Tehran Spiked Over Arms Embargo

Iran Shows Off Missiles Amid Tensions between Washington and Tehran Spiked Over Arms Embargo – Trump has formerly stated that the U.S. wants to reach a broader deal with Iran that puts more stringent restrictions on its ballistic missile and nuclear programs and reduces the IRI’s role in regional proxy wars. Tehran has already refused to negotiate while U.S. sanctions remain in place.

The QI: American Foreign Policy As Conceived By Tehran

Last year, a new American foreign-policy think-tank called the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft was established in Washington, DC. The think tank describes its mission as “laying the foundation for a new foreign policy centered on diplomatic engagement and military restraint….to bring together like-minded progressives and conservatives and set US foreign policy on a sensible and humane footing.” The Institute, which is primarily funded by billionaires George Soros (a far-left plutocrat and a major donor to the Democratic Party) and Charles Koch (a self-described libertarian and a major Republican Party donor), has assembled a cadre of self-proclaimed policy analysts from both the extreme left and extreme right of the American political spectrum. They share a similar viewpoint of isolationism and opposition to the post-World War II expansionist American foreign policy. However, delving into the background of some of the think tank’s key figures, one finds that it is not driven by a legitimate concern for peace or American interests, but in fact, it is new syndicate serving the interests of the Islamic regime in Iran.

Tehran Blast Was Industrial Gas Tank Explosion: Officials

ICBPS– An industrial gas tank reportedly exploded overnight in Tehran, pictures and videos were gone viral, Iran’s authorities claimed the site of incident not related to military. The explosion occurred at an Iranian gas-storage facility in an area with a sensitive military site to the east of Iran’s capital on Friday, June 26, 2020. “Gas […]

What Is The US Strategem On Islamdom?

The Biden administration is convinced that it will succeed in concluding a nuclear agreement with Iran (I am skeptical, I don’t think the Mullah’s regime in Iran are interested other than playing for time) but what are the plans of the Biden administration for the period after a conclusion of an agreement? America’s allies in Islamdom worry that the Biden administration will continue to court Mullah’s regime in the hope of reconciling with the ruling mullahs. The reasons behind this fear is Rob Malley who will remain in charge of the Iran file and his agenda is identical to that of Barack Obama, namely aligning America with the Islamists. Furthermore, much of the Biden administration is populated by former Obama staffers like Malley.

Has Mossad Assassinated Iranian Nuclear Scientist?

How can it be accepted that in two decades, Mossad has carried out numerous operations, from explosions and arson in the most important and sensitive centers to the assassination of nuclear scientists and the second al-Qaeda operative [in Tehran]? But not a single person be arrested, and intelligence officials should not change. There is no such thing anywhere in the world.