Reports: 40% Increase In Iran’s Liquidity Last Year

ICBPS- In its latest report, the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) announced a 40.6 percent increase in liquidity last Iranian year and hit records in the history of the Islamic Republic.
The liquidity trap in Iran is the reason for today’s high Inflation and the country had the highest inflation rate in the international community last year after Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Suriname, and Lebanon, according to the International Monetary Fund.

The new CBI’s report, published on Tuesday, shows that liquidity in March of 2020 reached $827 Quadrillion, which has increased by about 40.6 percent compared to March of 2019.
The amount of liquidity in the country has almost doubled compared to March 2018.
Printing money without support to cover the government deficit by the CBI is one of the major factors in the growth of liquidity in Iran.
CBI statistics also show that government debt to the country’s banking system in March last year compared to the same month in 2019 has grown by about a third and has reached nearly $827 Quadrillion.
Government debt to the country’s banking system has doubled in the past three years.
State-owned companies also owed nearly $12 Quadrillion to the country’s banking system in March last year, a 75% increase over the previous three years.
Official statistics by the Program and Budget Organization of Iran, as well as reports from the Parliamentary Research Center, show that one-third of the government’s budget has been provided by Debt-Financing over the past two years.


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