Sharp Decline In Iran’s Trade With Japan: Equal to 3% Of 2019

ICBPS- Iran’s exports to Japan have been sharply dropped in 2020. Japan’s official statistics show a sharp drop in Iran’s exports to the country last year.
Statistics from the Japanese Ministry of Economy show that the country’s imports from Iran decreased to $34 million last year, which is equivalent to only 3% of its imports in 2019.
According to the report published by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Tokyo imported one billion and 210 million dollars from Iran last year.

Japan’s exports to Iran also increased to $82 million last year, a growth of about 19 percent compared to 2019.
This is the first time that Japan’s exports to Iran exceed its imports.

Japan expects a limited impact from the U.S. decision not to renew waivers previously granted on Iran oil import sanctions, Reuters quoted the country’s trade and industry minister in 2019.
Customs statistics from China, India, and South Korea also show that their exports to Iran last year surpassed their imports for the first time.
Iran’s exports to China halved in 2020 to $6.4 billion. Iran’s exports to India, and South Korea also fell from $4.3 billion in 2019 to $288 million last year.

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