Belarus Mass Protests After Lukashenko Sworn In

ICBPS- Belarus Mass Protests are continuing in Minsk after Alexander Lukashenko sworn in ceremony for a sixth term.

Belarusian security forces and Police fired tear gas at peaceful protesters in Minsk who took to the streets to demonstrate against Alexander Lukashenko being sworn in for a sixth term on September 23, 2020.

“Over 150 Belarusians were arrested across the country, including in the capital city Minsk, and the southwestern city of Brest,” according to the Viasna rights group.

More Pressure On Lukashenko Amid Further Protests in Belarus

The ruler of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko remains under intense pressure following the third consecutive Sunday of mass protests over his 26-year dictatorship.

On Sunday, were clashes with riot police who made over a hundred arrests, with protesters mocking the President on his 66th birthday.

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