Israel Signals Openness To Future Joint Missile DefenSe With Persian Gulf Nations

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Israel could be open to future cooperation on missile defence with Gulf Arab states that share its concerns about Iran, a senior Israeli official said on Tuesday.

Bahrain Jails 5 Future Bank Officials For Money Laundering In Favor Of Iranian Entities

Bahrain’s High Criminal court on Wednesday sentenced five Future Bank officials to five years in prison and fined them one million Bahraini dinars (Dh9.8 million) each, in the latest of a series of money-laundering cases against Iranian banks, Bahrain News Agency reported.

U.S. Says Another Nation To Sign Peace Deal With Israel

ICBPS- Another Arab Nation will sign a peace deal with Israel next day or two, the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Kelly Craft said Wednesday.

“Our plan is to bring more countries, which we will have more being announced very soon … One [country will sign] in the next day or two,” Al Arabiya quoted the U.S. Ambassador.

“I know other [nations] are going to be following,” emphasized Kelly Craft.

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