IAL To Host U.S. Representative To Learn About Foreign Policy Positions

July 12, 2021 – Iranian Americans for Liberty (IAL) is pleased to announce we will be hosting upcoming virtual Congressional Meet and Greets with three distinguished Members of Congress: Rep. Mo Brooks (Alabama), Rep. Stephanie Bice (Oklahoma), and Rep. Chip Roy (Texas) in July and August. These events will be moderated by Adelle Nazarian.

EXCLUSIVE: Get To Know The Team At IAL

Since February of 2021, dozens of American Representatives have come out in support of the Iranian American community with commitments to end the policy of appeasement towards the Islamic Republic and to help their compatriots gain freedom and democracy.

IAL Calls On Biden To Publicly Support Canada’s Court Decision

Iranian Americans For Liberty- On January 8, 2020, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) shot down a Ukraine Airlines commercial airliner, Flight #PS752, with two surface-to-air missiles shortly after takeoff in Tehran, Iran.

Reaction of Iranian Americans for Liberty to Article in Responsible Statecraft

A recent article in Responsible Statecraft by Bryan Metzger titled, “How a shadowy, hawkish new group tied to Iranian monarchists is gaining influence in Congress” purports several blatant untruths about Iranian Americans for Liberty (IAL) and our organization’s work, putting the lives of Iranians abroad and their families at home at grave risk.

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