Iran Air Pollution Ranked 27th In The World

ICBPS: Iran air pollution ranked 27th in world total air polluted countries as well as its economic freedom score is 49.2, making its economy the 164th freest in the 2020 index.

Iran ranked 27th among 98 world’s most polluted countries in 2019.

Undeveloped and developing countries – contrary to popular belief – contribute more to environmental pollution” than developed countries.

Iran Tempts Its Citizens By Investing In Oil To Further Plunder The Nation

The plan, contrary to the IRI’s echo chambers propaganda, is only meant to fill the bank accounts of tyrants and kleptocrats to enrich the repressive regime and its terrorist proxy groups in the region.

IRI has always tried to adopt and implement policies and measures to control liquidity in the country and direct it to its treasury — where it has been spent on the regime’s ambitions in the Middle East rather than its people.

Iran COVID Rampant Is Much Bigger than What IRI Claims

 IRI’s botching response to the virus forced Iranians to make a death-or-death decision on how to prioritize surviving from the ChiChom Virus of IRI Virus. Will Iranians get the opportunity to save themselves from viruses? The people will decide.

Leaked Data from Iran Reveals Massive Coronavirus Coverup

ICBPS- The number of Coronavirus-related deaths in Iran nearly triple what the Islamic Republic of Iran’s officials have long been lying about the accurate statistics of the Chinese Virus casualties.

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