Death Toll Of Iran’s Bloody November Crackdown Is More Than What Propagandists Claim

ICBPS- According to multiple reports, Iran has been witnessing an unusual increase in the number of deaths in November 2019. A new report says that the number of additional mortalities in the country in November 2019 was 7,685 people.

Iran’s Rial Hits New Low Against Dollar As Economy Reels

(Reuters) – The Iranian rial fell to a new low against the U.S. dollar on Saturday as the economy reels under pressure from the COVID-19 pandemic and U.S. sanctions.

The dollar was selling for as much as 304,300 rials on the unofficial market, up from 295,940 on Friday, according to the foreign exchange site

Iranian Rial Again Hits Record Low Amid Tensions With U.S.

ICBPS- Iranian Rial Value fell to a record against the U.S. dollar again as the tensions have spiked with Washington.

The Iranian Rial plummeted Sunday against the U.S. dollar to the nation’s lowest value ever.

Iranian national currency Rial lost more value again a day after the White House announced all the U.N. sanctions on Tehran had been reimposed.

Iran Air Pollution Ranked 27th In The World

ICBPS: Iran air pollution ranked 27th in world total air polluted countries as well as its economic freedom score is 49.2, making its economy the 164th freest in the 2020 index.

Iran ranked 27th among 98 world’s most polluted countries in 2019.

Undeveloped and developing countries – contrary to popular belief – contribute more to environmental pollution” than developed countries.

Iran Coronavirus Records Forced Turkey to Postpone Flights

Iran’s Coronavirus records have forced Turkey to postpone all its flights from and to the country. Turkey has suspended all flight to and from Iran until October 4 after Coronavirus trends graph on rising anew by over 300%.

Turkey has changed resumption of its flights to and from Iran from September 4 to October 4, said the head of Iran Civil Aviation Organization Dehghani Zanganeh.

Ankara has suspended all flights to and from Iran until September 4 despite its previous announcement that flights between the two countries for passengers who hold Turkish citizenship or permanent residency will resume on September 4.

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