Pourquoi faut-il renverser la République Islamique?

Quarante-deux ans se sont écoulés depuis la révolution de 1979 qui a renversé la monarchie Pahlavi en Iran et a conduit à la création de la soi-disant « République Islamique » qui a été au pouvoir depuis lors. Dès sa création en Février 1979, la République Islamique est descendue sur la société civile comme le marteau des dieux et entrepris une violation systématique écrasante des droits de l’homme, et dans un mouvement calculé, étape par étape, s’est distancée de la démocratie attendue.

Iran Coronavirus Records Forced Turkey to Postpone Flights

Iran’s Coronavirus records have forced Turkey to postpone all its flights from and to the country. Turkey has suspended all flight to and from Iran until October 4 after Coronavirus trends graph on rising anew by over 300%.

Turkey has changed resumption of its flights to and from Iran from September 4 to October 4, said the head of Iran Civil Aviation Organization Dehghani Zanganeh.

Ankara has suspended all flights to and from Iran until September 4 despite its previous announcement that flights between the two countries for passengers who hold Turkish citizenship or permanent residency will resume on September 4.

Iran Shows Off Missiles Amid Tensions between Washington and Tehran Spiked Over Arms Embargo

Iran Shows Off Missiles Amid Tensions between Washington and Tehran Spiked Over Arms Embargo – Trump has formerly stated that the U.S. wants to reach a broader deal with Iran that puts more stringent restrictions on its ballistic missile and nuclear programs and reduces the IRI’s role in regional proxy wars. Tehran has already refused to negotiate while U.S. sanctions remain in place.

Iran Tempts Its Citizens By Investing In Oil To Further Plunder The Nation

The plan, contrary to the IRI’s echo chambers propaganda, is only meant to fill the bank accounts of tyrants and kleptocrats to enrich the repressive regime and its terrorist proxy groups in the region.

IRI has always tried to adopt and implement policies and measures to control liquidity in the country and direct it to its treasury — where it has been spent on the regime’s ambitions in the Middle East rather than its people.

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