Jailed Rights Lawyer Soheila Hejab Faces New Charges

ICBPS- Jailed rights lawyer Soheila Hejab faces new charges of propaganda against national security and disturbing public opinion after she was summoned to the Islamic Revolutionary court on Sunday.

Over 3 Million Students In Iran Deprived Of Online Classes, Cannot Study

ICBPS- Over 3.5 million Iranian students either live in areas that do not have Internet or do not own tablets and smartphones.

In the dozens of dozens of areas that lack Internet access, Iranian students are forced to drop out of school in the wake of school closures triggered by the Chinese Coronavirus COVID19pandemic.

Leaked Data from Iran Reveals Massive Coronavirus Coverup

ICBPS- The number of Coronavirus-related deaths in Iran nearly triple what the Islamic Republic of Iran’s officials have long been lying about the accurate statistics of the Chinese Virus casualties.

COVID19 Illustrates the Need for Neural Network Journalism

In a previous article, the Institute for Capacity Building of Human Rights outlined its philosophy of neural network-based journalism. Neural networks were defined in the article as “a set of algorithms, modeled loosely after the human brain, that are designed to recognize patterns… The patterns they recognize are numerical, contained in vectors, into which all real-world data… must be translated.

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