What Is The US Strategem On Islamdom?

The Biden administration is convinced that it will succeed in concluding a nuclear agreement with Iran (I am skeptical, I don’t think the Mullah’s regime in Iran are interested other than playing for time) but what are the plans of the Biden administration for the period after a conclusion of an agreement? America’s allies in Islamdom worry that the Biden administration will continue to court Mullah’s regime in the hope of reconciling with the ruling mullahs. The reasons behind this fear is Rob Malley who will remain in charge of the Iran file and his agenda is identical to that of Barack Obama, namely aligning America with the Islamists. Furthermore, much of the Biden administration is populated by former Obama staffers like Malley.

The Islamic Republic Must Release Christian Convert Prisoner

ICBPS- Activists have called on the Islamic authorities to immediately release Iranian convert to Christianity Nasser Navard Gol-Tapeh serving ten years in prison for “missionary activities”.
Nasser, 60, was arrested on June 24, 2016, in a raid on a private gathering held by Christians near the Iranian capital, Tehran.

Iran’s Capital Tehran Uprising Show Support For Protests In Khuzestan

ICBPS- Twelve days after demonstrations broke out in the oil-rich, restive Iran province, people in the Iranian capital Tehran stormed to the streets on July 26, 2021 to support the protesters in Khuzestan province.

Iran Protests: Water Crisis Protests Enter Fourth Night

ICBPS- Security forces opened fire late Sunday night amid water shortage protests in southwestern Iran.
Four days of protests against water shortages and electricity blackouts in the nation’s southwest have turned deadly, with gunfire killing three people, injuring dozens so far.

Iranian Americans For Liberty Stands With Freedom-Loving People Of Iran

July 16, 2021 – On the evening of July 15, 2021, Iranian citizens took to the streets in the Khuzestan province to protest the Islamic Republic of Iran’s mismanagement of the corrupt system of government. Instead of responding to their just demands, the Iranian people have once again been curbed by the Islamic Republic’s security forces.

Iran Protests: Security Forces Open Fire Towards Demonstrators

ICBPS- Iranian citizens marched through streets over water shortages on July 16, 2021 in the oil-rich Khuzestan province, including its capital, Ahvaz.
Videos posted online indicate that police have fired weapons to disperse the crowds in the restive province in southwestern Iran.
People in at least 10 cities and several districts of Ahvaz took to the streets late Thursday to protest over water shortage.

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