“From Vienna to Tehran; I give my life only for Iran”

ICBPS- Dozens of Iranian Monarchists, who had rallied since the Iran Talk started in Vienna, ended the patriotic rallies which would be struck at the next round of talks starting next week.

Monarchists Are In Pitched Battle With Global Leaders Over ‘Iran Talks’

ICBPS- A group of Iranian monarchists gathered on Friday protesting world powers’ attitude towards Mullahs in Iran.
Iranian monarchists gathered in Düsseldorf to hold protests over “Iran Nuclear Deal Talks”.

Iranian Monarchists’ Rally Still Continues; Diaspora-Run Media Keep Silent

ICBPS- Iranian monarchists gathered in Vienna to hold protests over “Iran Nuclear Deal Talks”, which have been entered the fourth round today over a U.S. return to the JCPOA, as differences over sanctions relief and the status of Tehran’s nuclear program threaten to prolong discussions.

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