IAL Condemns NIAC For Deafening Silence On Rise Of Anti-Semitism In America & Recent Actions By Hamas

The Iranian Americans for Liberty (IAL) condemn the horrific acts of violence against Jewish Americans on the streets of America. We express our grave concern regarding the deafening silence of lobby groups who falsely claim to represent the Iranian American community while Persian Jews are being viciously assaulted and terrorized. Once we learned about the attacks in Los Angeles and New York, we started our outreach to community members in the area to make sure they were okay and to offer our support. After we checked in on the communities, we issued a statement in support of Jewish Iranian Americans and strongly condemning anti-Semitism.  

Pourquoi faut-il renverser la République Islamique?

Quarante-deux ans se sont écoulés depuis la révolution de 1979 qui a renversé la monarchie Pahlavi en Iran et a conduit à la création de la soi-disant « République Islamique » qui a été au pouvoir depuis lors. Dès sa création en Février 1979, la République Islamique est descendue sur la société civile comme le marteau des dieux et entrepris une violation systématique écrasante des droits de l’homme, et dans un mouvement calculé, étape par étape, s’est distancée de la démocratie attendue.

UAE Arrests Iranian Terror Cell Suspected of Targeting Israelis

The United Arab Emirates intelligence agents have allegedly arrested several Iranians in Dubai and Abu Dhabi in connection with allegations they were plotting to carry out attacks to avenge the killing of IRGC-Quds Force Commander Qassem Soleimani.

Why Washington Wants Iran To Leave Syria

ICBPS- The United States wants the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) to leave Syria. Washington has repeatedly called for the removal of IRI’s troops and militias from Syria, but it continues to support Kurdish forces who battles ISIS and secures oil-gas reserves.

The White House calls the Islamic Republic of Iran, the regional competitor of Russia, as well as a major target for the United States and Israel, to leave Syria.

Trump’s Team And Israeli Officials Flew to UAE To Cement Normalization Deal

Top aides to President Trump and Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu flew to the United Arab Emirates on Monday, August 31, 2020, to put the final touches on the normalization deal.

A U.S.-Israeli delegation led by White House senior advisor Jared Kushner flew to UAE on Monday, made the aviation history by taking an Israeli commercial airliner directly from Tel Aviv to the UAE Capital Abu Dhabi over Saudi territory.

Executioner Mullahs Put Anti-Regime Protesters on Death Row

Iran’s deeply flawed criminal justice system, which systematically relies on fabricated evidence including ‘confessions’ obtained under torture and other ill-treatment to secure criminal convictions.

Iran’s Chain Explosions: Accident, Sabotage or Cyberattack

Iran’s regime has stuck in a security swamp as incidents at sensitive sites show that Tehran is falling in terms of security. Iran’s regime faces a “security collapse.” It seems states agreed to put an end to Iran’s proxy wars through hybrid war.

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