No Matter Who Wins, The Ayatollahs Must Go

Israel Hayom- In Iran, elections, like other issues, are based on fraud and mischief. Iran uses paper ballots nationwide that have to be counted by hand. It is the most effective way of rigging elections.

Ayatollahs’ Misogynistic Regime, Oppressor Of Human Rights, Selected To UN Commission On Status Of Women

ICBPS- On April 19, 2021, the Islamic Republic was elected [selected] to the UN’s Commission on Status of Women, an organization that acts to be the global champion for alleged gender equality.

Iranians Defy Regime’s Animosity Towards The State Of Israel, Send Clear Message With Love

In 1948, Israel and Iran [under Shah] had maintained close diplomatic, cultural, and economic ties as the newly established nation owed about a billion dollars to Iran for business conducted before the Islamic Revolution.

İran’ın Güç Arayışı Nasıl Bir Saptırma

Gerçeklere baktığınızda, İran’ın nükleer enerji istediği garip. İslam Cumhuriyeti ve dolayısıyla halkı, en azından ekonomi açısından nükleer olmayan alternatiflerin peşinde koşmaktan daha iyi olacaktır.

For Better Or Worse, ‘Iranians National Interests’ Tied To Republicans Acts

Wiping the cancerous terrorist-sponsored regime off the map was widely demanded by the Iranian protesters during nationwide demonstrations three years ago and continues until now. The world will be a better and peaceful place if the warmonger, Shiite Islamic terrorist regime in occupied Iran is completely annihilated with all its layers. 

Islamic Republic Of Iran’s Economy In Free Fall

The continuation of Iran’s current domestic and foreign policies and further oil export reductions due to sanctions and the fall of global oil demand after the coronavirus crisis and lockdown will drive the economy into a deeper inflationary recession.  The Iranian regime is obviously unable and unwilling to improve the situation, and the ripple effects from the past four decades will lead Iran to experience “Venezuela-ization” unless Iranians succeed in changing the regime and establish a well integrated system with the global economy.      

Ukrainian plane crash: the anatomy of a cover-up

It happened less than 10 minutes after Ukrainian Airlines flight 752 left Tehran’s airport heading for Kiev on January 8, 2020. Two missiles – 30 seconds apart – hit the commercial jetliner destroying the aircraft and killing all 176 passengers and crew members on board.

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