IAL Condemns NIAC For Deafening Silence On Rise Of Anti-Semitism In America & Recent Actions By Hamas

The Iranian Americans for Liberty (IAL) condemn the horrific acts of violence against Jewish Americans on the streets of America. We express our grave concern regarding the deafening silence of lobby groups who falsely claim to represent the Iranian American community while Persian Jews are being viciously assaulted and terrorized. Once we learned about the attacks in Los Angeles and New York, we started our outreach to community members in the area to make sure they were okay and to offer our support. After we checked in on the communities, we issued a statement in support of Jewish Iranian Americans and strongly condemning anti-Semitism.  

IAL warns Against the Appointment Of Any Iranian Regime Lobbyists For Government Roles

ICBPS- The Iranian Americans for Liberty (IAL) has warned the U.S. government and top officials to avoid appointing the members of NIAC or any other Iran’s regime lobbyists. 

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