The Black Day Of Women’s Rights: Iranian Lawyer

After the tragic event of February 1979, Iran fell into the hands of the Left and Islamic Alliance, and this led to the loss of much of the progress that had been made about half a century earlier and during the Pahlavi era. The revolt was sparked when a revolution called the White Revolution or the King and Nation Revolution, recognizing rights such as the right to vote, the right to run for parliament and even the ministry, the right to divorce for women and the implicit prohibition of polygamy for men. The religious leadership, led by the mullahs, considered these laws contrary to the “religion of Islam” and the “eternal, sacred and unchangeable laws of Allah”. The leftists in Iran at the time, who received orders from the Soviet Union, also seized the opportunity to strike at the body of the Iranian political system. The fight against the current anti-women laws in the Islamic Republic in Iran arose and they paid heavy penalties by their lives.

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