Tehran Blast Was Industrial Gas Tank Explosion: Officials

ICBPS– An industrial gas tank reportedly exploded overnight in Tehran, pictures and videos were gone viral, Iran’s authorities claimed the site of incident not related to military.

The explosion occurred at an Iranian gas-storage facility in an area with a sensitive military site to the east of Iran’s capital on Friday, June 26, 2020.

“Gas tank explosion took place in the public area of Iranian military complex Parchin”: Ministry of defence spokesman, Brig. Gen. Davoud Abdi

Firefighters, however, brought the blaze under control but the cause of incident was still unknown. Abdi said the fire caused by explosion was brought under control, and that there were no casualties.

Satellite images shared on social media show that the explosion left half a kilometer of damage in the Parchin military complex. The blast took place nearby the ammunition and cruise missile production facilities located in the military complex.

Such suspicious explosions have happened before in Iran. In 2011, a huge blast at the Alghadir missile base at Bid Kaneh, 3o miles to the west of Tehran, killed 17 IRGC officials, including senior commander Maj. Gen. Hassan Tehrani Moghadam, as the pioneer of the regime’s missile programme.

IRI’s authorities insisted that the explosion that killed the architect of missile programme was not carried out by Israel or the U.S., despite widespread reports that it was the work of the Israeli Mossad.

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