The Chain Of Suicides Shakes Iranian Capital, Tehran

ICBPS- At least 84 people have died in just one day in what has been described as a nightmarish chain of suicides in the Iranian capital, Tehran
From Thursday, April 15 to Friday, April 16, 84 suicide attempts have been registered in different parts of Tehran.
According to Rokna News Agency (affiliates with the Islamic judiciary Department), eight people committed suicide by self-harming, three of them died by hanging themselves, 11 people died of drug poisoning or overdose, and 15 cases of poisoning by other substances have been recorded.
No specific details of the other methods in suicide attempts, according to the report.
One of the victims died at the scene of the incident, the others lost their lives at the hospital.
In October 2020, an 11-year-old Iranian schoolboy, Mohammad Mousavizadeh, committed suicide by hanging from the kitchen of his family’s rented, humble house in the impoverished city of Dayyer, Bushehr province. He committed suicide because did not own a smartphone, preventing her from taking part in online classes.
Several Iranian students committed suicide in Iran for the same reason since the COVID19 hit the country.
Suicide attempts have become a daily issue of discussion in Iranian society, including news agencies and social networks.
Jumping from bridges, throwing oneself in front of trains, self-immolation, jumping from buildings, hanging from the ceiling are common methods of suicide attempts in the country.
Although Iran was among the countries with the lowest suicide rate during the era of the Pahlavi Dynasty the suicide attempts have been on the rise since the Islamic Republic took power in 1979.
People commit suicide across Iran from poverty and financial problems.


Reporting by Sam Cohen in the Middle East; Editing by ICBPS Editorial Board.

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