The Islamic Regime In Iran Hanged An Already-Dead Woman

ICBPS- The Islamic authorities hanged a female prisoner Zahra Esmaili despite suffering a heart attack moments before the sentence was carried out.
Zahra Esmaili, the mother of two, was found guilty of the murder of her husband Alireza Zamani, who was a senior agent in the Ministry of Intelligence, and sentenced to death penalty, according to Esmaili’s lawyer, Omid Moradi.
Zahra Esmaili was executed on Wednesday in Rajaei-Shahr prison, west of the Iranian capital Tehran, along with seven others, the Oslo-based Iran Human Rights (IHR) reported on Wednesday.
Zahra Esmaili was transferred to solitary confinement on Monday, February 15, to be prepared for execution. Zahra had been serving her jail sentence in Iran’s notorious Qarchak Prison.
Zahra suffered a stroke after seeing several men hanged before her, the lawyer wrote in a now-deleted Facebook post, adding that her death certificate states “cardiac arrest” as the cause of death.
“Zahra … died” before it was her turn, “but despite that, they hanged her lifeless body,” the lawyer wrote.
Iran has the highest number of executions in the world after China. It has executed 42 people since the beginning of this year, according to IHR.

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