The Islamic Republic Sought Nuke Tech For WMDs

ICBPS- The Netherlands’ intelligence agency says Tehran seeks military nuclear technology. After Sweden and Germany, the Dutch intelligence service also announced that the Islamic Republic had recently made several attempts to acquire the technology of the “weapon of mass destruction” (WMD) program.

According to the security agencies of the three nations, the Islamic Republic has not stopped its “effort” to “produce nuclear weapons.”

“The Islamic Republic of Iran made multiple attempts in 2020 to obtain technology for its WMD program and has not stopped its drive to develop atomic weapons, Fox News quoted the intelligence agencies from the Netherlands, Sweden, and Germany.

The Netherlands General Intelligence and Security Service said in its April report that it had “discovered networks trying to acquire the knowledge and materials needed to produce weapons of mass destruction”, FoxNews reported on Monday.

According to the reports, despite “numerous attempts”, the Tehran-backed networks have “failed” to achieve their goals due to the intervention of security services.

According to the Dutch report, “The joint Counter-proliferation Unit (UCP) of the AIVD [the General Intelligence and Security Service] and the MIVD [the country’s Military Intelligence and Security Service] is investigating how countries try to obtain the knowledge and goods they need to make weapons of mass destruction. Countries such as Syria, Pakistan, the Islamic Republic, and North Korea also tried to acquire such goods and technology in Europe and the Netherlands last year.”

Earlier, in its annual intelligence report for 2020, the Swedish intelligence service revealed that the Islamic Republic was seeking “Swedish technology” for using in its nuclear “weapons” program through “industrial espionage”.

The Islamic Republic, China, and Russia are the biggest security threats to Sweden, according to the Swedish report.

The Islamic Republic’s regime was listed under the document’s section on preventing “countries from acquiring weapons of mass destruction”, Fox News declared.

The reports came after, according to security documents recently released in Germany, “Tehran has not stopped its pursuit of weapons of mass destruction during 2020.”


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