Three Killed, Several Injured in Two UAE Restaurant Blasts: Reuters

The UAE Restaurant Blasts killed Three, several injured. Three persons was reportedly killed, and several people were injured on Monday blasts at two restaurants in the United States’s capital Abu Dhabi and its tourism hub Dubai.

The incident occurred on Monday in two separate explosions in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, the police and local media said.

Telegram channels in Iran have been broadcasting this alleged video of one of the explosions.


A gas cylinder exploded in a Dubai restaurant early on Monday and killed three persons, according to the Reuters.

Abu Dhabi-owned The National newspaper, quoting a Dubai Civil Defence spokesperson, said the blast had caused a blaze that damaged the ground floor of the building. The fire was controlled within 33 minutes, it added.

In Abu Dhabi, the blast hit KFC and Hardees restaurants on the city’s Rashid bin Saeed Street, the National reported, adding that other retail outlets were also damaged.


Abu Dhabi police said the explosion caused several minor and moderate injuries, and residents of the building and surrounding areas were evacuated.

Photos published on social and local media showed extensive damage to the two restaurants with a white plume of smoke rising from the ground floor of the building.

Rashid Saeed Street is also known as the airport road, where top aides to U.S. President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are expected to land later on Monday, in a historic trip between Israel and another Arab country.

The blasts occurred in the UAE after aides to the U.S. President Trump and Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu flew to the United Arab Emirates on Monday, August 31, 2020, to put the final touches on the normalization deal.

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