Three Monarchists Sentenced To Total Of Eight Years And Six Months In Prison

ICBPS- The Islamic Revolutionary Court in Tehran sentenced three Iranian Monarchists to prison term in a joint judicial lawsuit.

The Monarchists, Arsham Rezaei, Mohammad Abolhasani, and Shakila Monfared, were reportedly sentenced to a total of eight years and six months imprisonment by the Islamic Revolutionary Court, rights groups released.

Tehran Islamic Revolutionary Court has issued a 15-month prison term and four months forced-labor (four hours a day) against Arsham Rezaei and Mohammad Abolhassani each for alleged propaganda against the Islamic Republic in Iran (IRI).

Further, Shakila Monfared was sentenced to six years in prison for alleged propaganda against IRI and blasphemy. Then after, agents took Shakila into prison.

Shakila was initially arrested by security agents on Aug 31, 2020, and sent to Tehran-based Sarallah headquarters, controlled by IRGC. Then, she was taken into Tehran notorious Evin prison after interrogation examined.

Finally, she was arrested on Jan 20, 2021 after being summoned by the Islamic Court and taken into an unknown location.

The other detainee, Arsham Rezaei is kept at Rajaee Shahr prison, serving his eight years and six months prison term.

Mohammad Abolhassni also is being jailed at Evin prison, serving his two years imprisonment.

The Islamic Revolutionary Courts have set up extrajudicial punishments against dozens of Iranians in the past months for reportedly supporting the monarchy.

On May 20, 2020, Tehran Appeal Court upheld the verdict against ten Iranians sentenced to more than 100 years in prison for reportedly supporting the monarchy.

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