‘Trump Will Meet Same End As Iraqi Dictator Saddam Hussein’: Rouhani

ICBPS- So-called moderate President Hassan Rouhani compared U.S. President Donald Trump to the former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein in comments on Wednesday.
In recent Iranian history we have had to deal with two madmen twice … Donald Trump and Saddam, Rouhani declared on state-run TV, stating that one involved Iran in a military war which started in 1980, and lasted eight years, the other in an economic one.
“Saddam was executed for his crimes … Trump’s fate is not going to look much better either,” Rouhani added. However, in the end, Iran was victorious in both wars, Rouhani claimed. He also said that Saddam was able to occupy the south and southwestern Iran, and Trump was unable to force his plans for regime change.
During the interview, Rouhani stressed that because of the eight-year Iran-Iraq war, Tehran had to invest years in the reconstruction of its border provinces, but the sanctions Trump imposed were even worse.
There are some very marked differences of opinion among Iranian people, however, they reject tyrants and praise President Donald Trump, calling him “The President of Hearts”.
As Trump’s administration has imposed sanctions on Ayatollahs, Iranian people appreciate what the White House has done against their tyrants.
They see it as their victory over the Ayatollahs in Tehran, and believe that the “maximum pressure” campaign, designed to cripple the regime’s economy and isolate it internationally which could help them to easily overthrow the regime.

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