West Has To Choose The Iranian People’s Side!

ICBPS- Four days after Khamenei called on the Young Palestinians to fight Israel, labeling it a “terrorist base, not a country” and said its downfall was imminent, Israeli police fired stun grenades at Palestinians, who had thrown stones and other objects on Monday morning, May 10, 2021.

Thereinafter, Tehran-affiliated Hamas launched hundreds of rockets towards Jerusalem from Gaza on Monday, which in total, Palestinian terrorists have fired nearly 1,500 projectiles toward Israel.

A few hours later, The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) announced Monday night that it had “begun” a series of airstrikes against Hamas positions in the Gaza Strip. The airstrikes came in response to a large number of rockets fired by Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas from the Gaza Strip at Israel.

“Fighting this despotic regime… is everyone’s duty,” Khamenei said.

“Dozens to hundreds of the projectiles heading toward Israel have been intercepted by Iron Dome missile defense batteries,” according to the IDF.

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu says “Hamas crossed the red line”. He threatened to respond with force on Monday.

On Tuesday, May 11, Hamas militants charged forward with scores of rockets at the Tel Aviv metro area after IDF response.

“Israeli airstrikes toppled most of a massive high-rise building in central Gaza City on Wednesday, in the latest escalation in Israel-Hamas fighting. The collapse was broadcast on Israeli TV channels, with commentators predicting Gaza militants would respond with a rocket barrage.” AP

The death toll in Gaza rose to 67, and more than 300 people have been wounded. At least seven people have been killed in Israel since the attacks by Hamas.

“Palestinian militants in Gaza have fired dozens of rockets at Israel after its air strikes killed top commanders and felled another tower block there.” BBC

The fighting erupted between Israeli-Palestinians after weeks of rising tension in East Jerusalem which was boiled over by Khamenei’s speech on the self-proclaimed Quds Day, on the last Friday of Ramadan that was initiated by the Islamic Republic in 1979 in support of its proxies against Israel.

“Hamas’ intentions are clear: kill Israeli civilians,” IDF tweeted.

Experts say Tehran provoked Palestinians to attack Israel in response to Israelis’ fatal blows in the past years: Disclosure of Turquzabad Secret Nuclear Warehouse, the Assassination of the Islamic Republic’s Nuclear Scientists, Natanz Blast, Attacks on IRGC Bases in the Region, and Suspicious Death of Officials in Iran

The rocket attacks by IRGC-backed Hamas take place at the same time that Iran Nuclear Talks resume in Vienna with the remaining parties to the deal – Russia, China, France, Britain, Germany, and the Islamic Republic.

“Hamas and PIJ officials have told Egyptian, Qatari and other mediators that they would be ready to stop their attacks on Israel once Israel stops its military offensive in the Gaza Strip. Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh told Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif during a phone call on Monday that efforts were being made “on the diplomatic and field levels to halt Israeli assaults on our people in Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip.” Jerusalem Post

In an Op-Ed released on April 21, ICBPS Board Member Avideh Rafaëla Motmâenfar said “along with Tehran’s lobbyists, IRGC is the most important overseas arm of the Islamic Republic in the West. It seems that whatever the lobbyists cannot advance, the IRGC would be taken care of by its terrorist operations, threats, and proxies.”

As progress slows at talks in Vienna, the Islamic Republic uses its proxies to intimidate westerners and force them to back down and consent to demands by Tehran. The Islamic Republic still is encouraging Palestinians to continue the fight against the Jewish state. The world’s top sponsor of terrorism and anti-semitism – the Islamic Republic’s behind all the attacks towards Israel and the region.

It is totally understandable, with predictable consequences of West’s ‘Carrot and Stick’ motivation [Sanctions and Deals] towards the Islamic Republic.

Such a ‘loosening-tightening’ policy combined with ignorance and huge negligence will get the world a long way.

Let’s get everything clear, once and for all, the global powers must clarify whether to go to remove ‘all’ the cancerous tumor or ‘part’ of it.

The answer is simple. But, if they think of the third side of the triangle and are willing to change the Islamic Republic’s behavior we should say it’s a mirage as Ayatollahs have shown in the past four decades.

But, if ‘all’ is no and ‘part’ is never, how many sides does a triangle have?

Tehran will never change its behavior, nor is West willing to accept the malicious behavior by Ayatollahs. If so, you should support Iranians to remove the Islamic Republic from power and reclaim their freedom and democracy in ‘Iran the Great’ which protects peace in the region and throughout the world.


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