Who Are The Bells Ringing For?

What is the ruling, on Michael Flynn flying to the Netherlands by private jet, starting the evacuation of the political swamp from Europe, uncovering the face of Deep State, participating in betrayal?! Chinese Globalists will give up soon, enjoy the rest of the events. Q-Anon

After the US election, many questions must have been on your mind: did Trump have a plan for these days?! What is Kraken?! Can the US election be rigged?! Are Trump fans delusional?! Does the Q-Anon group exist at all?!

Who are the Proud Boys?! What is the story of Mcnaughton paintings?! One week after the election, Trump fired Mark Speer from the Department of Defense and appointed US Special Forces hero Christopher Miller.

Prior to the election, Mark Esper opposed the president’s order to enter democratic cities to counter the Antifa, BLM, and Marxist uprisings, a clear indication that he was under the full command of the Deep State. But on the day of Miller’s speech, attention turned to someone else. Globalists

Ezra Asa Cohen-Watnick, he is a Navy intelligence officer and trained at the US Internal Intelligence Agency under Michael Flynn. General Flynn had previously brought him to the White House.

After the accusations against Flynn, McMaster, a Globalist pawn, tried to remove Watnick from the White House, but each time he faced resistance from Trump. Eventually, Trump sent Watnick to the Justice Department to apparently look after Jeff Sessions and his gang.

But his mission was something else, he was commissioned to uncover the role of the Deep State at the right time, which is today. You are all aware of Sydney Powell‘s actions, she announced last week that she will release Kraken soon. But how did Sydney Powell prepare these documents on her own?

Sydney Powell acted separately from Trump’s team. While she knew more than the entire Trump’s legal team, she was the first to Raise Dominion, Smartmatic, and change of votes. But who are the people behind Sydney Powell?

 ‘Where we go one, we go all’

You must have heard the name Q-Anon, but you do not know who they are.

Now Q-Anon is led by General Flynn. Q-Anon includes many people, including Watnick, who is Trump’s secret weapon. Q-Anon is set to evacuate the Washington lagoon to expose Deep State.

The only person who has revealed his identity from Q-Anon today, is General Flynn, who performed the oath of office in front of the camera on 4th of July this year, coinciding with American Independence Day, with his family, “where we go one, we go all”.

Thumbs up sign at the end of the video is a sign of Q-Annan solidarity and a kind of warning to Deep State, you must have seen Trump with this figure many times.

Sydney Powell was General Flynn’s lawyer in court who was able to prove his innocence. But the Obama-appointed judge in Washington D.C., did not sign his acquittal for a long time until Trump exercised his authority last week and pardoned General Flynn.

Now, if you go back, you will see how the Democrats did everything they could to remove him. Sydney Powell is General Flynn’s trusted lawyer. What Sydney has offered to date under the name Kraken is only the tip of the iceberg of the Democrats’ fraudulent system.

This information was provided to Sydney by Flynn. We all think Kraken means the octopus monster, which is wrong, so what is Kraken? Kraken is a Department of Defense electronic warfare program based on hacking and tracking enemy system.

Sydney’s mention of Kraken on Fox News was in fact a signal to the suspicious players that some of them would be frightened and surrender. Now the Democrats are trapped and there is no escape, this painting by Mcnaughton illustrates this.

After Miller took office as Secretary of Defense, he, another Q-Anon member, issued an order stating that US special forces should only send him reports of their actions and not to other intelligence agencies, including the CIA and its forces. They just have to be under his command.

CIA The servers were then confiscated. The confiscation of the servers in Frankfurt was a secret operation by special forces. It is interesting to know that these servers were under CIA control.

Globalists in the US election have carried out a major operation called “Reset” with the help of all their global arms, the Secret Council, the Obama team in the CIA, Democrats, the media, China, Iran and 105 other countries to bring the US back to pre-2016 conditions.

Now we come to the protagonist, even when he was imprisoned and boycotted by the International Committee of the Red Cross, Julian Assange has released 8,000 documents from the CIA base in Frankfurt, just as he aided Trump’s victory in 2016 by leaking important documents.

This is important information about election fraud. The CIA headquarters in Frankfurt is the starting point for all the hacking and sabotage attacks in Europe, China and the Middle East, which are covered by a large number of fictitious companies, countries, globalists and a strong network of databases.

It is shocking to learn that the CIA has used foreign data centers and servers to interfere in the US election and hack it, then change the results at the request of Democrats and globalists.

But they were caught and trapped by Q-Anon and Trump. George Soros’s organization, along with Dominion’s office, were located in the same building in Frankfurt, and it was not just an attack on servers, a lot of information and documents were obtained. After exposure, high-ranking Democrats, members of the CIA and FBI and the Department of Justice will be arrested and sent directly to Guantanamo Bay for treason, and some may even be executed by the Federal Execution Act. Trump

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