Why President Trump Should Support Iran Protests

Iran Protests occurred throughout the country after the people took to the streets in 2017 and it still continues.

The Middle East as a key player in the world energy market holds approximately over 50% of the world’s proven fossil fuel reserves. Iran is one of the regional countries that contains rich-natural and mineral resources with its population, comparable in size to each of the biggest European countries.

 So far as reports indicate the total primary energy demand in the Middle East has tripled due to rapid population growth and economic development in the past 20 years. In fact, most of the growing energy demand is concentrated in five countries, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait, and the UAE. These five oil-rich countries represented around 82% of the total primary energy demand in 2015, with Saudi Arabia and Iran alone accounted for 60%, says Wiley Online Library. According to the report, most of the projected energy demand will be from Iran and Saudi Arabia by 2030- for 52% and 67%, respectively.

But, this forecast needs a quiet Middle East.

As we described in our American Thinker essay in 2019, Iran’s Geopolitical Resources should not be underestimated. Iran, as the [former] OPEC’s third-largest crude producer, involves in proxy-wars in the region that caused millions of the people leaving their homeland and thousands were killed. The Islamic Republic of Iran’s regime is a serious threat to the world and should be stopped before its criminal behavior kills more people in the Middle East. 

The Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) tests its local-made long-range missiles on which is written: “Down with Israel” and “Down with the U.S.”

Hereof, U.S. President Donald Trump withdrew Iran Nuclear Deal that eased Iran’s sanctions as he calls it the worst deal ever. The deal unblocked millions of dollars in cash into the regime’s bank accounts. The money enriches the repressive-terrorist regime and its allies in the region, rather than spending on Iranian citizens.

When you invest in Iran, you’re investing in the FTO-IRGC, you might as well as cut the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) a check and say, ‘please use this to commit more murder across the Middle East,’ as the U.S. National Security Adviser H.R.McMaster told a conference in Munich in February.

 IRGC controls Iran’s economy by 40%, according to the FDD.

Inflation remains in the economy and on the rise, despite the apologist pro-regime lobbyists ruminated. The Islamic Republic of Iran’s economy is collapsed through an accelerated free fall and approaching the Venezuela-ization.

Today, Iran faces immense challenges to its economy such as the devaluation of its currency, government budget deficits, high inflation, recession, debt, corruption, pension fund bankruptcy, and high unemployment rates — all of which have given rise to an economic crisis.

“The U.S. hasn’t bought Iranian oil for close to 40 years, but the Arab States’ exports have flooded back into Asian and European markets, roughly doubling to between 2.2 million and 2.4 million barrels a day since sanctions were eased last year. Shipments to Europe surged to about half a million barrels a day after the E.U. lifted its embargo. 

Iran’s oil export to China, its biggest buyer, decreased in August of 2019-20 to the lowest level since ever, but Beijing has imported about 12,000 barrels of Iranian crude – worth a total of $134 million — per day in July, after showing zero imports in June because of U.S. sanctions.

 The western oil cartels and largest investors are the major losers of Iran’s oil and gas market because of sanctions and China as the stubborn rival of west, especially the U.S., win the game. Huge oil cartels hesitate to join macro-projects in the country due to the instability of Iran’s eco-political condition and lack of safety in the region.

The world powers suffer from chaos in the Middle East and lost the market, so far as the armament manufacturers apparently won.

West should decide that it wants real-regime-change in Iran or not [structural change]. The peaceful transition in Iran is a win-win game for both the people and superpowers if they genuinely seek a safe and peaceful Middle East. West has to take the right instance to support Iran Protests happened late December 2017, it continues. Iran Regime Change can make a better world for all people across the globe. 

Iranians are fed up with mullahs and ready to collapse the regime through a civic revolution if the international community supports the peaceful demonstrators (Iran Protests) across the country, not the governments.

“The free world resisted Soviet totalitarianism, Nazi fascism & South African apartheid, but when it comes to Iran’s regime -a totalitarian, fascist & apartheid system all at once- far too many democracies prioritize trade. Iranians will not forget”, as Iranian Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi declared on his Twitter account.

 Reza Pahlavi is the one whose name was mentioned by Iranian demonstrators during Iran Protests.

As President Trump and its administration have called for Regime Change in Iran, EU and all the U.N. members should take a historic stance supporting Iranians, not the repressive regime.

And, for better or worse, the Iranians’ national interests are tied to the actions of Republicans in the United States, not the ‘Do-Nothing-Democrats’ — whose 77-year-old Joe Biden vowed re-joining the ‘worst deal ever.’ 

Now, it’s the turn of Western countries to continue the relationship with the Islamic regime or support Iran Protests.

The piece was originally retrieved from Kaveh Taheri‘s article at TOI.

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