Why Washington Wants Iran To Leave Syria

ICBPS– The United States wants the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) to leave Syria. Washington has repeatedly called for the removal of IRI’s troops and militias from Syria, but it continues to support Kurdish forces who battles ISIS and secures oil-gas reserves.

The White House calls the Islamic Republic of Iran, the regional competitor of Russia, as well as a major target for the United States and Israel, to leave Syria.

The U.S. says IRI has tried to destabilize the Middle East in the past decades by founding, funding, weaponizing, and training its proxies throughout the region. 

Tehran is determined to keep its troops in Syria and Iraq, where IRGC still seeks to exact revenge for the U.S. killing its top commander Qassem Soleimani.

IRI also stays in Syria to threaten Israel as well as its sovereignty in Iraq and Yemen frightens the neighboring Arab states.

According to Richard Nephew, a senior research scholar at Columbia University’s Center on Global Energy Policy, IRI probably will be within 2-3 months a Nuke bomb by the end of 2020, perhaps by the summer of 2021 if Tehran slows down.

“The Islamic Republic will export and sell weapons” once the U.N.-mandated embargo is lifted, Defense Minister Brig. Gen. Amir Hatami declared.

Further, the IRI’s influence in the Middle East and China’s entry into the region would destabilize the region. Russia and China are willing to sell their out-dated weapons and junks to Tehran once the arms embargo is lifted.

As IRI has repeatedly breached the so-called Iran Nuclear Deal, Washington decides to use a clause in the nuclear agreement to allow the return of all U.N. sanctions on Tehran. If the U.S. uses the clause, it will force Iran’s rulers to suspend all enrichment-related activities, including research and development. It could also ban the import of any material that may contribute to the development of nuclear weapon delivery systems for Mullahs in Tehran.

The clause, however, permits a “snapback” without members being allowed to veto.

If a weak IRI can do so, what will it do if the sanctions are totally lifted?

The Middle East’s stability and peace will be sorely endangered if IRI is still in Syria after the arms embargo ends.

The ICBPS team gathered the report.

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