Zarif Is Smiling Ribbentrop: Radosław Sikorski

ICBPS- Member of the European Parliament, Radosław Sikorski has likened ‘Zarif to one of Hitler’s Nazi ministers Joachim von Ribbentrop’,  and slapped the Islamic regime in Iran.

Iran claims to be an Islamic Republic, but as this resolution makes clear it is also one of the world’s most repressive regimes. I, therefore, have some questions for the Mullahs in Tehran; if you represent a God that is good powerful, and merciful, then why you need to repress, torture, and murder your people so much,” the Polish politician and the member of the European Parliament, Radosław Sikorski said.
“Now, your regime is a blasphemy and an abomination to every decent Muslim, every person of faith, and every person of conscience. You have brought your country to such desperate straits that you are now signing agreements with China to give away your energy sector and to give away your critical infrastructure.”
They will not complain about your human rights abuses, but I’m not sure Allah will be pleased that you are becoming vessels to a godless Communist regime, he declared.

However, if you want better relations and the easing of sanctions with us, stop this repression now! This is inhuman, what you are doing to your own people, Radosław Sikorski added.
“And one last thing, I have a request to the diplomats from our nation-states and from European external action service, next time you meet with Mr. Zarif, who is smiling Ribbentrop, just remember what kind of nasty regime he represents,” Radosław Sikorski emphasized.

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